Most of the time, when a person is trying to restore a classic car, they are going to use an aluminum drive shaft. There are many advantages to using the aluminum drive shaft. The first advantage is that it is going to weight a lot less than the other drive shafts. This alternative is going to help the horsepower of the car. It is because the engine has the ability to rev up a lot faster with the aluminum compared to the steel drive shafts. The carbon drive shafts are also going to be heavier than the aluminum drive shafts.

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The second advantage of aluminum drive shafts is that the aluminum can be bought straight from the manufacturers. This means that you are going to be able to get them in a variety of different sizes. If you are wanting a thicker wall on your drive shaft, then you will need to purchase a larger size in the tubing. This will allow the car to handle higher speeds than the normal tubing would allow. Therefore, it is also going to be able to handle the higher heat of the engine when the car is trying to get up a faster speed.

The third advantage of the aluminum drive shafts is that they are a lot cheaper than some of the other types of shafts. This is because of the lighter material that is used to make them. Most of the time, a person is going to buy about fifty percent less for the aluminum shafts especially when it is compared to the price of the carbon shafts. The carbon is heavier so it is not going to be able bend as well as the aluminum will. This is critical when it comes to having a fast car to drive on a regular basis.

The fourth advantage of the aluminum drive shafts is a long history of use. People have been using the aluminum shafts for many years so if you ask around, then you will be able to find someone to give you advice on the right shafts to use for your particular car. Most of the time, for a classic car the people who have been working on cars for years are going to recommend that you use the aluminum shafts. It is very important to take in their advice since they definitely know what they are talking about.

The fifth advantage of the aluminum drive shafts is the shock load capacity. This means that there is going to be a lot less damage to the car especially when using universal joints. The aluminum shafts have a higher ability of strength because of their yield power. Therefore, the shaft has a better chance of loading without causing any failures in the car. This is why it is so important to have a thicker aluminum tube instead of the smaller tubing that the carbon shafts will require the car owners to use in the car.

These are the top five advantages of aluminum shafts in classic cars.